Saturday, 12 September 2015

Road Trip to Bella Coola

The late July weather in Vancouver was hot enough to boil lettuce so after work one evening Laura and I packed up the rig and headed north. Our destination was the steep & wild Bella Coola valley. We had heard legends of a land untouched and wanted to pull back the curtains and see for ourselves. From the moment we reached "The Hill," the steep dirt track that takes you from the high Chilcotin plateau to the lush river valley 1500m below, the adventure needle spiked high. As the following photos can attest, we found the points in time we had been seeking. The air was cool and dense and buckets of cold rain fell from the sky; but still, nothing could diminish the beauty of such a rugged landscape. The native land of the Nu-Halk people slowly revealed her spine of jagged peaks as over the course of our 9 days the clouds blew off the Pacific and deep into the folds of the Coast Range. When our time was up, we drove home with expanded imaginations and a keen sense of content. 

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