Monday, 7 November 2016

Ask Your Teacher To Take You Outside

The reason why I chose to work at Coast Mountain Academy is pretty simple: I get to teach the way I would have liked to be taught. This includes the opportunity to share my love of exploring the terrain in which we live. Hiking, paddling, travelling in big groups and small, over the past three years I've had the chance to share both local favourites and travel to new places altogether. This year, my quest is to increasingly tie-in academics to our outdoor pursuits. For example, to learn through data collection and calculation how this bold geography of our backyard is under constant flux. To begin this process we have conducted two studies in alpine environments: first, an estimation of the size in cubic metres of the Wedgemount glacier, and second, a calculation of the flow rate produced by the Matier glacier. Hopefully projects like these will help to shed light upon how interconnected and constantly evolving our ecosystems are.

Oh yeah, the kids also had an absolute blast socializing with their friends in the backcountry, sharing meals over a camp stove, pushing themselves to new heights, and eating tons of snacks! Below are a few photos from these Fall 2016 programs: Leadership Expeditions for Academic Discovery. Ask your teacher to take you outside.

Senior LEAD - Wedgemount Lake

Junior LEAD - Upper Joffre Lake

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